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Pamela Lockard

Founder & CEO

Pamela Lockard is the Founder and CEO of DMN3. In 1992, Pam started DMN3 to be a B-to-C direct response marketing firm focused on generating revenue for clients using online and offline lead generation and customer growth solutions. She is one of only a few hundred Certified Professional Direct Marketers in the United States. She has created integrated lead generation, lead nurturing and customer retention results for clients across a variety of industries, including financial, retail, healthcare and home-services. With her leadership, DMN3 won marketing awards based on strategy and results from the Ad Federation, International Direct Marketing Association, Web Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association.

Pam credits her success to great long-term relationships with clients as well as her ability to produce return-on-investment for every marketing dollar clients invest.

In December 2017, Pam converted her agency to a consulting firm that focuses on working with clients who depend on her for marketing strategy, online and offline lead generation and training of in-house marketing departments.

She continues to have a passion for supporting the less fortunate in Houston. Her focus is homeless women and children causes. She’s served on the boards of Interfaith Ministries and The Mission of Yahweh. She received the Houston Business Journal Enterprise Champion award for her philanthropy.

Pam is a native Houstonian and graduate of the University of Houston. She is also a published author who speaks at marketing conferences about lead generation and Boomer and Senior marketing.

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Pam Lockard’s Most Significant Business Accomplishments

When I founded DMN3, I was driven to build one of the Southwest’s premier direct response marketing agencies. Over the years, my agency achieved that goal. However, it could not have happened without the coveted large to mid-sized client base DMN3 enjoyed over the last 25 years – along with the excellent DMN3 staff trained in customer acquisition and retention best practices.

You see, designing and managing large client marketing programs is a very labor-intensive business. I realized early on that it took almost the same amount of work to produce a $5,000 campaign as a $500,000 one. So, I set my company’s sights on large Texas B-to-C advertisers with big marketing budgets.

And because just a single 1,000,000-piece mailing can cost over $400,000, financial exposure was high. There was no margin for error. We always hired smart and detail-oriented professionals to train in our proprietary marketing processes. This two-pronged strategy worked exceptionally well!

Generating over $2.75 Billion in Revenue for Clients

Large to medium-sized clients, wanting lead generation and customer growth expertise, often chose us over much bigger agencies Through the years, DMN3 partnered with our clients to generate over $2.75 billion in revenue using proven marketing expertise. I’m most proud of our long and successful relationships with Fortune 500 clients like JP Morgan Chase, Reliant Energy (an NRG Company), Constellation Energy (an Exelon Company), along with premier brands like American Airlines Credit Union (10th largest in the country) and KelseyCare Advantage (a 5-Star Medicare Advantage insurance provider).

Local Business Recognition for Revenue Growth

Thanks to the large marketing budgets of our clients, DMN3 has been recognized in the Houston business world since 2003.

  • Houston Business Journal – Houston Small Business 100 (2003, 2004)
  • Houston Business Journal – Houston Top 50 Woman-Owned Businesses (2006 & 2007)
  • Houston Business Journal – Houston Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Business (2007)
  • Houston Business Journal – Houston Fastest Growing Small Business (2007)
  • Houston Business Journal – Book of Lists – Top 25 Agencies (2010 – 2016)

Rewarding Work

While larger corporate clients are our mainstay, doing Pro-Bono is also rewarding. A campaign DMN3 created and managed for Rice University Athletics is the most memorable Pro-Bono work. And here’s why.

The Rice University Athletics Challenge

In the 1950s and 1960s, a ticket could not be found to a Rice University football game. But by the 1990s, Rice averaged less than 15,000 fans at a game. This low attendance jeopardized Rice’s Division 1 college sports status.

The Solution: Operation SellOut!

Bobby May was the Rice University Athletics Director at the time. He asked DMN3 to help increase football game attendance. So, DMN3 developed a sports marketing division and an event concept called Operation SellOut. The goal was to fill Rice University’s stadium for the opening home game. It seemed impossible to achieve. The opening game was not a marquee matchup. Plus, Rice only agreed to pay DMN3 on a performance basis – at only a $1.00 per ticket.

Using a direct response strategy, we developed 21 targets for group sales in blocks of ten tickets. The nine-month promotion, leading to the big event, used public relations, direct mail, email, telemarketing, radio and sponsorships.

Faced with a losing football record and an apathetic Houston market, we had to sell the “sizzle—not the steak” to be successful. Operation SellOut was created to overcome all the obstacles. We designed a themed event from the ground up and promoted it as being exciting and fun for the entire family. A pre-game tailgate, a large area for company tents and fireworks after the game were just a few of the featured activities.

We included a charitable component to bring underprivileged children to the game. During the first Operation SellOut over, over 7,000 sponsored children attended the event.

Women from The Mission of Yahweh, a local homeless shelter, were employed as some of the telemarketers. They proved to be our best. In fact, the top-seller lived at The Mission during the promotion and she received the game ball on the football field at halftime.

The program also gave several Rice football players an opportunity for a well-needed summer job. Their appeal to large alumni donors helped sales too.

The first Operation SellOut was both a community-relations and financial success for Rice Athletics, creating a crowd of 53,145 and ticket sales over 60,000t. Rice was so thrilled we continued the program with them for four more years—generating over $1 million in direct ticket revenue for Rice Athletics. The high attendance also helped Rice keep their Division 1 status for football.

Sweet Success

Word of the program’s success spread nationally. University Athletic Departments, the likes of Stanford and Northwestern, began requesting an Operation SellOut. DMN3 cloned the program and provided it for to 27 additional universities (some for multiple years) and bowl games.

Rice University Athletics honored DMN3 each year by creating the Operation SellOut Champion award and presenting it to us on the football field at halftime. As a bonus after the second year, they also took us on a totally free trip to Hawaii for two weeks with their top-ranked baseball team. What could have been better?