Lead Generation Case Study | DMN3

Going beyond “price” to generate leads and make sales

KelseyCare Advantage markets Medicare Advantage insurance to the 64+ age market. The CMO came to DMN3 with one single goal; “help me grow our Medicare Advantage member base.”

KCA Results


Competition for new members is fierce. Medicare only allows Medicare Advantage companies to compare themselves to traditional Medicare—not other private companies. All of the national insurance companies invest heavily to get new members. Only a short window exists, from October 15 – December 7, for potential members to “shop” and switch providers each year. When you combine limited selection time with Medicare’s complexity, you get confusion and inert consumers.

DMN3’s proprietary research findings showed that two main factors influenced the Medicare plan selection: “ability to keep my doctors” and “cost.” While KelseyCare Advantage gets top ratings for great care and value, many competitors’ plans cost less. In addition, most members joining KelseyCare Advantage must change doctors when they choose them as their provider.

Customer Acquisition

Data Driven

DMN3 used a data-driven approach to gain insights about the current members. We built a profile to understand the key demographics and psychographics. Then we created a model to select the prospects that looked the most like the current members. This targeting helped us narrow the prospect universe from 500,000 to 100,000.

Armed with knowledge and insights, we focused on educating seniors about the benefits of Medicare Advantage compared to traditional Medicare. We used members to explain why they chose KelseyCare Advantage over other private plans. And we stressed the quality care and the credentials of the doctors in the network.

Medicare Advantage Customer Acquisition Approach

Campaign Tactics

  • Creating a member asset library of photography, video and stories.
  • Developing educational offers and content like DVDs, booklets and eBooks to generate response from online, direct mail and broadcast.
  • Using Facebook, PPC and landing pages to engage seniors doing online research about Medicare Advantage.
  • Pushing inbound calls from direct mail and broadcast.
  • Promoting member events to get referrals.
  • Offering educational seminars to attract more qualified prospects wanting to learn more.
  • Creating a lead-conversion program for warm leads.
  • Ongoing phone tracking and reporting to maximize response.

Campaign Components


KelseyCare Advantage Campaign Assets




By focusing on quality care and Medicare education, we helped KelseyCare Advantage improve customer acquisition:

  • Increased total inbound calls over previous year by 25%.
  • Increased site visitors, page views and time on site.
  • Exceeded lead goal by 15%.
  • Exceeded member enrollment goal by 11%.