Integrated Marketing Case Study | DMN3

Generate Traffic and Sales Using Digital Marketing

A Texas-based furniture retailer, wanted to launch the Nickelodeon Rooms Furniture™ line for children. They also wanted to “move” this new furniture off eleven showroom floors.

Star Results


It’s not every day that you get to promote something fun like Sponge Bob™ and a cast of cartoon characters. So, imagine our excitement when we received an opportunity to develop a traffic generation campaign for this new line of children’s furniture.

We needed to establish a new prospect base to target, since the client lacked category awareness. Our primary audience included mothers and children aged 13 and under. Limited resources and time compounded the challenge to attract a new audience. Plus, the client wanted to see store traffic and new furniture sales within 30 days!

Digital Marketing Approach

Stretching a dollar

To achieve success, DMN3 needed to develop a creative strategy that would expand reach beyond the limited dollars for paid media. The client’s “Nickelodeon Contest Campaign” became the way to make this happen. We targeted and engaged mothers and their children through a variety of integrated promotions and social campaigns.

Online Campaign Tactics:

  • Online display and third-party emails to promote the contest and the Nickelodeon Rooms Furniture.
  • Engaging “mommy bloggers” to get the word out through their blogs.
  • Multiple giveaways at the retail stores over several weeks, including two drawings for tickets to the Nickelodeon Story Time Live Show and a $3,000 Nickelodeon Rooms bedroom set.
  • A microsite to notify contest participants about the winners and the new furniture line.
  • A custom tab on the client’s Facebook site to provide updated details about the campaign.
  • A viral approach to get additional contest entries through Twitter.

Traffic Generation:

  • Promotional events at eleven stores and Texas Children’s Hospital with visits and photo ops with SpongeBob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer.
  • Drawings held at the client’s stores at pre-scheduled times.
“Free Kid’s Room” and “Win Nickelodeon Prizes”
were the central themes throughout the campaign.





The one-month campaign generated great awareness by leveraging extra value from online paid media, social media and events. We measured everything. This successful campaign created engagement and sales.

  • Over 30 million impressions served to targets with paid ads.
  • 40,000 mothers reached through popular mommy blog sites.
  • 11,544 email opens from house list and third-party email.
  • 4,000 Facebook page visits.
  • Over 3,000 Contest Campaign registrants.
  • 2,147 new registrants that opted in for future client offers.
  • 150,713 microsite page views.
  • Over 1,000 attendees to promotional events.
  • 1,066% increase in visits (3,221 clicks) to the client’s website during the campaign.